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      conscious.  handmade.  quality.

      Wherever your life's journey takes you there's that one place that evokes a feeling so deep, grounded, warm and accepting that we simply call it home. For us this feeling is rooted in Greensboro, NC. This is where, in 2011, the first home shirt was created and offered for sale at a locally owned store called Design Archives. We were thrilled that the simple design, combined with a super comfortable shirt, resonated deeply with others who feel the same deep appreciation for their home. Over the years, this good feeling has only multiplied as we expanded the circle to other communities. It has been our joy to celebrate this positive feeling with millions of other people across the world.

      Our journey has always been about way more than just the physical place you live in.  Home State is a state of being. It expresses what so many of us feel about the places we call home. The places we love and cherish, where we work and we play. The sets where the scenes of our lives unfold. But it is really about the deeper feeling that home inspires. It is that unmistakable, one of a kind feeling of being accepted, rooted, connected, joyful, and comfortable that inspires us. Our unique line of apparel and home goods seek to hold you comfortably in that home state where ever your adventure takes you.
      But there are more than just words and feelings to Home State. Loving and celebrating our home means working to protect it with real action. It means valuing all the other people that comprise our communities. As our little company was growing, there was real pressure to be very capitalistic ̶ to source cheap, keep labor costs low, cut corners to maximize profit, grow fast and just try to make as much money as we could.  But that didn't feel right to us. We’re all inter-connected, and the individual choices we make affect the whole. Our love of home means protecting ALL of the people and places that make home so special. It is hypocritical to pollute the land or exploit people while trying to celebrate those very things. So we honor these things by holding ourselves accountable to
      higher standards of sourcing and production that protect our neighbors, our planet and the generations that will come after us so all people can enjoy that feeling of home.
      We source our incredibly soft shirts from trusted partners who respect the dignity and humanity of the workers who sew them, as well as protect the planet we share. We use environmentally friendly water-based inks to print our shirts. We print the vast majority of our shirts one at a time, by hand, and we pay all our team members a living wage using the MIT fair wage calculator.
      As we continue to add to our collections, we will maintain our commitment to our customers, our communities and our shared home planet.

      "Wherever your journey takes you there's that one place that evokes a feeling of love so deep, grounded, warm and accepting that we simply call it home. Our unique line of Apparel and Home Goods seek to hold you comfortably in that home state no matter where your adventure takes you."