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      "With out the people or places, home is just an empty feeling."


      We feel it is absurd to on one hand celebrate with pride the people and places that make up our home, and on the other hand, pollute that same home, or exploit our neighbor. Home State is dedicating to creating a quality product without harming the environment or exploiting workers.


      Here is just some of the things we do to be a good steward of the earth, live sustainably,  and be a good neighbor.


      • From the very beginning we have printed our shirts with environmentally friendly water-based inks. Not only are these inks better for the environment, but they require no harsh chemical cleaners or solvents to work with.
      • 95% of our shipping supplies are recycled or eco friendly.
      • We reuse the shipping boxes we receive our deliveries in to ship many of our items. When we do buy boxes, we buy overstock boxes that normally would be thrown away. This stretches out the items useful life, keeping trash out of the landfill and reducing the need for virgin boxes.
      • We do not individually poly bag our shirts reducing single use plastics.
      • We pay a living wage to all our employees using the MIT living wage calculator.
      • We source our incredibly soft shirts from trusted partners who respect the dignity and humanity of the workers who sew them as well as protect the planet we share.
      • We are committed to being transparent about our supply chain and the people we source from.